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FieldScout meters are Spectrum's full line of portable soil and plant diagnostic meters.  These rugged, yet accurate meters allow you to gather data where it is most needed - in the field.  Most FieldScout meters are equipped with internal data loggers that interface with an external GPS receiver (not included).  Download data to your PC with FieldScout software. Upload geo-referenced files to SpecMaps software to create two-dimensional, color maps that reveal the spatial variability at the site.

FieldScout Bluetooth Device for TDR 300

FieldScout CM 1000 Chlorophyll Meter

FieldScout CM 1000 NDVI Chlorophyll Meter

FieldScout Direct Soil EC Meter

FieldScout EC 110 Meter

FieldScout GreenIndex+ Nitrogen App and Board

FieldScout GreenIndex+ Turf App and Board

FieldScout Mobile App

FieldScout pH 110 Meter

FieldScout pH 600 & 400 Meters

FieldScout SC 900 Soil Compaction Meter

FieldScout Soil Sensor Reader

FieldScout SoilStik pH Meter

FieldScout TCM 500 NDVI Turf Color Meter

FieldScout TDR 100 Soil Moisture Meter with Case

FieldScout TDR 300 Soil Moisture Meter with Case

FieldScout TruFirm Turf Firmness Meter

TDR Rods