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Weather Stations

The importance of Weather Monitoring...

Stations, Mini Stations, Micro Stations, and Sprayer Stations for monitoring site-specific areas to determine and manage microclimates. WatchDog stations are customizable, allowing growers to monitor the inputs that are essential to their operations. Numerous sensors are available to measure key parameters such as soil moisture, light, air temperature, relative humidity, rainfall, wind speed and direction, and to calculate evapotranspiration rates, degree days, and other important metrics used to grow and manage healthy crops. All environmental data is logged at user-defined intervals for tracking trends over time, reporting capabilities, and at-a-glance monitoring to help growers make informed decisions.

Take monitoring one step further by adding an IPM disease and insect package. Use additional parameters such as leaf wetness to determine when the conditions are right for a particular disease.

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2000 Mini Stations
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