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About us

World Bridge General Trading L.L.C,

one of the  most diversified and fast growing business enterprises in the U.A.E, was founded in Dubai by an exceptional visionary; to transfer cutting-edge technologies  and value-added services to our diverse clients with unparalleled  performance that present growth and success to our business  partners.

As a well reputed entity which has reached phenomenal  progress by bringing number of world leading products into the Middle East market to meet its  volatile demands, the World Bridge is  the exclusive agent / distributor of the most famous European and American manufacturers such as Finder,  a leading supplier of energy saving equipments, relays and timers with having more than  10,000 extensive electrical

World Bridge  General Trading company, with its commitment to quality in its quest for constant excellence in all its  ventures, has earned remarkable  position in the market. Equipped by two and half decades of strategic planning, practical experience,  inherent ability to identify opportunities added with its adaptability to change the market environment,  the company has entrenched itself as a  leader in the regions progressive market.

Our  mission is to understand and fulfill our clients unique needs by providing unsurpassed service and  support and ensure the solution  provided are highly cost effective to meet customers satisfaction.

Our vision  is to remain as the favorite supply and solution provider by enabling new applications and  presenting technical services together  with during and after sales services.

Armed with  unrequited technical experts and  reputed principals, we are an energetic and goal-oriented
company dedicated to make our vision a  reality.

World Bridge  General Trading L.L.C functions as a partner to a wide range of well  known international  manufacturers. Our vast experience and  enthusiastic team of experts have made  us most chosen by our clients; as an approved supplier to the major U.A.E or other international companies.


Our products and  services are:

-Energy saving  equipments

-Industrial  electrical equipments (Relays, Timers,  Modules, Sockets and etc.)

-Building automation

-Construction  machineries

Apart from the  above mentioned products, trading and  agency activities, the World Bridge Company has
other various activities like:

-Project  contracting

-Project engineering

-Measuring tools  for weather, nutrients, soil PH-EC, irrigation, moisture, pests

-Agricultural  insecticide and fertilizer

A bridge to your  desire --- Join the bridge World Bridge General Trading  L.L.C